Affected students and workers call on visa application center to resume operations

The spokesperson expressed deep concern that the subsequent closure of VFS will be a disaster, as the growing backlog could lead to unwanted delays for applicants to receive visa approvals on time. The group predicted that the peak visa application period would run from July to October; students are expected to apply for enrollment in September as workers rush to start work for the new fiscal year. In addition, the spokesperson stresses that the request to reopen the VFS should also be met by strict infection prevention measures to ensure the health and safety of all.

Yu Wen Ung, a concerned student, said, “The prime-time visa office closures for applications have been disappointing. This circumstance could have been better handled, given that we have been battling COVID-19 for a year.

“Visa applications in 2021 were strewn with obstacles at every stage, severely delayed processing times and difficulties in submitting documents and passports to non-operational visa centers. I am very worried that I will not be able to attend my classes on time, also imagine how scary it is not to be able to plan a trip due to the uncertainty involved, ”said James Tan, another concerned student. .

Qamarina Azman, an affected student whose first and second year of study was interrupted due to the university staff strike, said: “My class starts in September and I hope to be back in the UK sooner for complete my isolation before If I cannot get my visa on time, it leaves me with no choice but to postpone another year, which is not ideal after suffering from bouts of interrupted studies during from the last few years for which I now receive professional help for my mental health. I pay 20,000 GBP (approx. 114,700.94 RM) for university fees and it is only fair that students get the full contact hours. “

Cassey Loh, a recently divorced mother of two school-aged boys, said: “I am a student and also have a frontline job, I have to return to UK by August 2021. With my current life circumstances, I need to bring my boys with me. I need to apply for a dependent visa for them. “

Habibu Zaid, a Canadian work visa applicant who works overseas in the oil and gas industry, said: “If I don’t get my passport by mid-July, I will raise the white flag because i lost my job this year. Getting my passport back with the approval of the work visa is more important than anything else. I look forward to starting work soon. “

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