Alliance takes gold

Alliance Group’s Pure South Lamb and Pure South Handpicked Beef 55 Day Aged received gold medals at New Zealand’s Outstanding Food Producers Awards.

The awards celebrate the Kiwis who harvest, grow and produce New Zealand’s exceptional food and drink. Entries are judged on a series of criteria including aroma, visual appearance, flavor, consistency, quality, durability, brand story and packaging.

Shane Kingston, managing director of sales at Alliance Group, says the gold awards underscore the co-op’s reputation for food excellence and innovation.

“There is exceptional demand for hand-picked beef, which is wet-aged for 55 days – a much longer period than other wet-aged products on the market. Our team found that its rules profoundly increased the taste complexity, tenderness and texture of the meat.

According to Kingston, Alliance’s reputation for producing some of the finest lambs in the world is well known.

“The passion, pride and dedication of our farmers and our meticulous commitment to quality are hallmarks of Pure South Lamb. While external recognition is always appreciated, this Gold Medal will come as no surprise to our many customers around the world who seek out Pure South Lamb for its delicately flavored dining experience, fresh aroma and leanness.

Judges commented that Pure South Lamb was “an incredibly luxurious, fine-textured lamb. The small layer of fat around the square was perfectly proportioned and made the cut. The fat flavor was savory and fantastic – I haven’t tasted better”.