Amazon could try to dethrone Microsoft 365

It’s no secret that Amazon and Microsoft are entering the cloud space, as well as many other industries. It’s also no secret that Microsoft has gargantuan advances in some of these battlefields and that Amazon is tirelessly developing ways to stay competitive. That’s why it’s interesting to read the opinions of experts on whether Amazon’s supposed efforts to overturn Microsoft 365 consumer stranglehold on its opposition stand a chance.

Business Insider has reached out to experts about the idea of ​​Amazon’s potentially budding rebel alliance with rivals Microsoft, in which it would unite Dropbox, Salesforce, and Slack to take on Microsoft’s software package. But between Office, Teams and everything Microsoft has to offer and then dominates the market, industry analysts weren’t universally convinced that Amazon had a chance in head-to-head competition.

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Maribel Lopez, analyst at Lopez Research, described Microsoft’s cloud-based software business as “very difficult to fight,” while Gartner Vice President Lydia Leong argued that Microsoft is too entrenched in the lives of its customers so that Amazon Web Services (AWS) can gain these people.

Additionally, analysts said if Amazon phones a friend like Salesforce or goes it alone in trying to develop its own productivity tools, it will still be an uphill battle. Even Google hasn’t been able to dethrone Microsoft in the space, and it has been trying in a dedicated capacity for a long time. That said, Amazon is stubborn and counting it prematurely wouldn’t be wise.

Experts pointed out how Microsoft is using its 365 dominance to easily connect and aggregate Azure services. This is one more point against AWS that will force it to fight even harder to reduce its rival’s market share. While it might not be impossible for Amazon to surprise everyone, it is also not hard to imagine that Microsoft will remain king of the hill for the indefinite future, especially when the latter is on the verge of collapse. ‘bring Windows 11 to the cloud, adding a whole new dimension to high-tech conflict.

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