Annual Gift Guide Helps You “Buy Local” in the DC Area

Many people have started shopping for the holiday season earlier than usual, but buying local can lessen the impact of supply chain disruptions.

Many people started shopping for the holidays earlier than usual, fearing that supply chain issues would make it harder to get all the gifts on their lists on time; but local business advocates say this is all the more reason to ‘buy local’.

“He’s always a good job creator and by buying ‘made in America’ products you are supporting the creation of those good jobs,” said Elizabeth Brotherton-Bunch, spokesperson for the Alliance for American Manufacturing.

“By supporting these small local businesses and American manufacturers, this is one way to do your part. “

Each year, the AAM publishes a Guide to gifts made in America which showcases companies that manufacture their own products. This year’s edition features several companies from all 50 states, as well as DC and Puerto Rico.

“For a lot of small businesses, for a lot of small brands, the holiday season is really a critical season for them,” Brotherton-Bunch said.

“One of the companies we promote in DC is a card maker, Second Story Cards, they work with homeless people to create greeting cards, and then they receive some of the proceeds from the cards.

The guide also features businesses in Maryland, including Words with planks, which has already caught Oprah’s attention.

In Virginia, three companies were recognized including Old Town Alexandria’s Made in virginia store, which started from the same group that also created the Made in DC stores.

“By just buying one or two items from a local manufacturer, one or two items from a local manufacturer, you can really do a lot to support their business and grow their business,” Brotherton-Bunch said. “It’s a really thoughtful purchase you can make and it can go a long way in supporting someone’s business for the long term. “

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