BJP on Amarinder Singh’s “friend request”

Amarinder Singh said in tweets on Tuesday that he would form a new political party. (TO FILE)


A day after Amarinder Singh announced that he would be launching a new outfit and hoped to partner with the BJP for the Punjab elections, his “friend request” was granted. “We are ready for an alliance with Captain Amarinder Singh,” Dushyant Gautam, BJP’s Punjab official, said today.

“Our doors are open to an alliance, although only our parliamentary council can make the decision,” Gautam said. He said the BJP was always ready to join forces with nationalist groups concerned about the country and concerned about national security.

Amarinder Singh, forced by Congress to step down as chief minister of the Punjab last month, tweeted on Tuesday that he would form a new political party, confirming what he told NDTV about his departure of Congress, his party for four decades.

He also said that if the farmers’ protest was resolved, he would consider a “siege arrangement” with the BJP and Akali splinter groups for parliamentary elections in four months. The captain had previously denied associating with the BJP after his recent meeting with Union Home Secretary Amit Shah which sparked speculation.

He tweeted yesterday: “Hopes for a seat deal with the BJP in the 2022 Punjab Assembly polls if #FarmersProtest is resolved in the interest of farmers. He is also considering an alliance with like-minded parties such as the Akali splinter groups, in particular the Dhindsa and Brahmpura factions. “

The BJP said that despite differences with Amarinder Singh when he was chief minister in the Congressional government, he had common concerns. “We opposed him when he spoke out against the welfare of the people of Punjab. But when it comes to national security or border security, we continued to praise him. He was a soldier. We think he’s a good patriot, ”Gautam said. .

He added: “Farmers are also with us today. We fought for the welfare of farmers earlier as well. Amarinder Singh also talks about the welfare of farmers. We will meet and discuss how to resolve this protest. “

The captain, 79, has yet to leave Congress.

Although there is no official party comment on Mr Singh’s tweets, Punjab minister Pargat Singh said: “I had previously said that the captain was allied with BJP and Akali Dal, he used to get his diary from the BJP “.

Singh, the two-time chief minister of the Punjab, stepped down from the top post in September after complaining of repeated “humiliations” by his party amid a persistent feud with Navjot Singh Sidhu.

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