Dominic Artman, Lake Secondary School

NAME – Dominique Artmann

RESIDENCE – uniontown

AGE – 18

THE SCHOOL – Lake High School

MPC- 4.48

COLLEGE CHOICE – Ohio State University

PARENTS – Christopher and Jolene Artman

DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN THREE WORDS – Persistent, resourceful, resilient.

SCHOOL ACTIVITIES – Wrestling, Cross Country, Track, National Honor Society, GenYes Student, Freshman Mentor, Team Captain (Wrestling, Cross Country and Track), Sixth Year Camp Counselor.

COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES – Holy Spirit Church usher and youth group leader, Bible camp counselor, Lake Youth Wrestling coach, recreational graphic design, assists with other community events.

HONORS AND AWARDS – Letter from the four-year Lake Academic Booster Club; Lake High School Top 25; AP Researcher with Distinction; platinum-level ACT; Nominee Sam DiBlasi of Lake High School; three-time district qualifier (wrestling); three-time 2nd team All Federal League (wrestling); three-time All Stark County (wrestling); eighth in wins in Lake wrestling history; regional team qualification (cross-country); recipient of the Tri-Athlete award for two years; eight varsity letters total (wrestling, cross country, and track).

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL? – I would say wrestling. The wrestling room is like my second home and I don’t have to worry about anything outside of wrestling during practices or tournaments.

FAVORITE HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY? – The close and competitive wrestling matches of the Federal League. These matches carry an unparalleled energy, and competing with some of my closest friends is an experience I will never forget.

MOST PEOPLE WILL BE SURPRISED TO KNOW… – … I won a 10K in the 14-18 category in Florida when I was 14.

WHAT DO YOU HOPE FOR A CAREER? – I hope to become a software developer at a big tech company like Apple or Microsoft, focusing on artificial intelligence or cybersecurity.

WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE ADOLESCENTS FACE TODAY? – Anxiety, due to increased pressure to perform well in school, athletics, and also due to pressure from social media, anxiety and stress levels are very high among teenagers. However, many teens don’t know how to deal with high levels of stress or anxiety. Thus, it manifests within them until they are overwhelmed and, as a result, go wild or collapse. If more teenagers were educated on how to manage stress and anxiety, they would be calmer and more balanced. They would be able to make more rational decisions and reduce their anxiety to a minimum.

Dominic Artman, a senior from Lake High School, is the Canton Repository's Stark State College Teen of the Month for April.

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