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Many alliance formations have changed the Big Brother 23 recently, and we’re breaking down all the existing alliances that fans should be paying attention to right now. Kyland Young’s experience as head of the household was a pleasant breeze from Brandon Frenchie’s chaotic reign over HOH in week 1. Therefore, new alliances had to be formed, while existing alliances had to be formed. needed to be reconfigured. And it all started when Frenchie started to blow up the alliance he had created.

There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Slaughterhouse alliance Frenchie formed in week 1 was very fragile. It didn’t even take Kyland 12 hours to expose the wedding ring to Sarah Beth, and more have been hearing about it throughout the week. Then Frenchie himself threatened to expose the alliance, prompting the other allies at the Slaughterhouse to throw Frenchie under the bus and target him for deportation. Now, new alliances with great potential are emerging inside the house.

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Royal Flush (Derek X, Queens and Kings)

One of the most impressive new alliances on Big Brother 23 is the Royal Flush, which is made up of Queens, Kings and DX. So the alliance includes Derek Xiao, Claire Rehfuss, Kyland Young, Tiffany Mitchell, Alyssa Lopez, Christian Birkenberger, Sarah Beth Steagall and Xavier Prather. There is a lot of potential for this alliance to go very far given that many of these guests have won competitions and know how to play the game well. Also, it doesn’t look like any of these players would expose the alliance unless may not feel absolutely necessary for their games in the future. In turn, if this alliance moves forward together, it seems pretty obvious that Alyssa, Christian and Xavier could be at the bottom of this lineup.

The Mafia (Queens & As)

Another new alliance formation is the mafia between queens and aces. But frankly, this wedding ring isn’t exactly what it looks like on paper. Claire Rehfuss, Kyland Young, Tiffany Mitchell, Derek Xiao and Hannah Chaddha plan to work together, but they want to target Brent Champagne. In that sense, the Mafia is supposed to keep Brent calm and give him a false sense of security. Meanwhile, these players are still weighing whether or not they can trust Whitney Williams in the game. Alas, if Brent and Whitney were kicked out, the remaining Mafia members could stick together as a very powerful bunch.

The Radicals (As & Kings)

In comparison to the Royal Flush and the Mafia, the Radical alliance between Aces and Kings is probably the most deceitful group. Even more than the Mafia, this alliance aims to reach the other side of the aisle and make people feel safe and relaxed. But the friendship between Brent Champagne and Christian Birkenberger begins to crack, and it is clear that Derek Xiao would be truly loyal only to Hannah Chaddha and (perhaps) Sarah Beth Steagall within this alliance. It is possible that this alliance will affect the game if one of its members gains power, but it is more likely that radical members will remain loyal to other alliances they have in the game.

The barbecue

Many Big Brother fans assumed the Cookout didn’t get very far in week 1. First, Azah Awasum and Kyland Young looked lost in the game. Meanwhile, Derek Frazier’s loyalty was to Brandon Frenchie, Tiffany Mitchell’s loyalty to Claire Rehfuss, and Xavier Prather’s loyalty to the Kings team. That said, Kyland’s HOH reign accidentally turned out to bring this group together a lot more. It has become clear that Kyland trusts Tiffany and Xavier a lot, and that Azah and Tiffany are here for the long haul. Derek F is still the biggest wild card in this alliance, but he has to hang on to these allies now that Frenchie is about to come out of BB23. One final note: Hannah Chaddha is Again not an official member of the Cookout, but she actually seems to be very loyal to this group.

The slaughterhouse

Each of the fans now has to make their own judgments when it comes to whether or not they think the Slaughterhouse alliance will still exist after Frenchie’s expulsion. Kyland was determined to save this group for his entire HOH reign, making it clear that he would like to move forward with the Slaughterhouse even after Frenchie was cut. But with the exception of Frenchie and Derek Frazier, the members of Slaughterhouse are all linked by other alliances like the Mafia and radicals. Just like the Cookout, there is a luck that the Slaughterhouse may be back in power once the “Team Twist” ends, but we’re still two weeks away from that scenario. Depending on how Derek F plays the game after Frenchie is kicked out, he could also be replaced by someone else in the slaughterhouse.


The silent but deadly Jackpot Alliance is still alive and well inside the Big Brother 23 house, although these players aren’t making a big deal out of it at the moment. Claire Rehfuss and Tiffany Mitchell are completely linked, not only with the Queens team but also with their many alliance formations. In addition, Claire and Tiffany now trust Sarah Beth Steagall more than ever. After winning the second Wildcard contest, Sarah Beth could have guaranteed her safety if she took away the immunity from Claire and Tiff. When Sarah Beth decided not to do this to them, it became clear that Claire and Tiffany greatly appreciated her decision. They told Sarah Beth that she “took one of the team members,” and that they will get it back next time. It is safe to say that the Jackpot is stronger than ever now.

Kings killers

Fans were very excited with the Kingslayers, which is the largest all-female alliance on Big Brother 23. However, things are quite strange between these players at the moment. Azah Awasum and Britini D’Angelo are loyal to each other as teammates of the Jokers. Claire Rehfuss and Tiffany Mitchell have a bond that goes even beyond their Queens squad. Sadly, her Queens teammate Kyland Young has targeted two Jokers during her HOH reign (Frenchie and Britini), which could cause Britini to question if she can really trust Clarie and Tiff in this match. Overall, Britini looks like the “strange woman” among the Kingslayers. Azah and Tiffany trust each other, but Azah and Claire aren’t necessarily that close. It’s possible that this alliance will gain another boost as the season progresses, but it’s more likely that this alliance will be forgotten over time.

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