Extreme Networks, partner of WBA to provide OpenRoaming connectivity

Extreme Networks, a cloud-based networking company, announced that it has successfully implemented OpenRoaming support from the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) at the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu (IPV) in Portugal .

OpenRoaming allows students, faculty and other IPV campus users to connect to a high-speed, secure, carrier-grade Wi-Fi 6 network anywhere, indoors or outdoors, without experience disruption to their wireless network connection. IPV is the first organization in Portugal to participate in WBA OpenRoaming.

In addition to OpenRoaming, Extreme has dominated the Wi-Fi operator offload market for 4G and 5G networks. In February 2020, the company partnered with Verizon to create “smart stadium” technology at Super Bowl LIV in Miami. Verizon’s wireless network was linked to ExtremeWireless Wi-Fi hotspots and ExtremeAnalytics software, providing seamless connectivity and authentication for fans in and around the stadium. Extreme currently offers RADSec and operator offloading with all major wireless carriers in the United States

WBA OpenRoaming enables seamless handoff from any number of cellular networks to Wi-Fi, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity to users, just like smartphones instantly connect to various telecommunications networks.

Extreme worked with Aptilo Networks to bring OpenRoaming to the IPV campus alongside a Wi-Fi 6 network deployment. Now students, staff and visitors can connect to the IPV campus network without requiring manual authentication. . This translates to better user experiences and reduced workload for IPV’s IT team, which previously had to manually allow every user on the network outside of Viseu to access Wi-Fi on campus.

Tiago Rodrigues, CEO, Wireless Broadband Alliance
OpenRoaming is essential for providing seamless and secure access to Wi-Fi, which is a necessity for modern higher education institutions like IPV looking to provide students with the best possible resources for learning.

Nabil Bukhari, Chief Product Officer and Chief Technology Officer, Extreme Networks
Open roaming between 5G and Wi-Fi networks is essential to enable next-generation consumer experiences and the infinite enterprise. Seamless and secure connectivity inside and outside buildings makes things like smart cities and working and learning from anywhere possible.

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