Farooq hints that the Gupkar alliance will fight the next parliamentary elections together

National Conference Chairman Farooq Abdullah, who is the chairman of the People’s Alliance for the Gupkar Declaration (PAGD), has hinted that his party will fight in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Jammu and Kashmir with constituents from the new coalition to defeat “community forces”.

Speaking about the situation in Kashmir, Abdullah claimed it was worse than in the 1990s – when militancy erupted in Jammu and Kashmir – because young people feel they have no place in it. modern India and have lost confidence in the government of Delhi.

“… And I am sure that when the elections come, we will come together again to defeat the division and communal forces,” said Abdullah, who served as Union minister and three times chief minister of the former state. . PTI recently.

The PAGD is an alliance of five parties comprising the National Conference (NC), the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), the CPI (M), the Awami National Conference and the People’s Movement. He calls for the restoration of the special status of the former state of Jammu and Kashmir, which was revoked by the Center in August 2019.

“What is created is a combination of all parties to fight for the rights and identity of our people – the Dogras, Kashmiris and others. We recently had a meeting and we all condemned what the Delimitation Commission did, ”Abdullah said.

Categorically rejecting the recommendations, he also asked how the government would deal with groups like the Kashmiri pundits and Sikhs who are also asking for political reservations.

“How will people from all sections be there?” Who doesn’t take these things into consideration? This is why we had an upper room where the people who could not come in assembly were brought so that their voices could be heard ”, declared the head of the NC.

Today, every Muslim, whether they belong to Kashmir or the rest of India, must “permanently prove” that they are a nationalist despite their community having shed blood for the country, said Abdullah, who was chosen by former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. be part of his team to represent India at the United Nations.

Abdullah said the problem is people have lost their faith. Young people feel that they have no place in modern India, as communalized as possible. “They find out they don’t have jobs, we don’t have an industry, the promise of 50,000 jobs, what happened to them,” he asked.

“At JK Bank, they have people from Haryana and Punjab. And our people from JK, where will they go? A highly educated population, they see this, they see arrests made on small, fragile grounds, and they are subject to such draconian laws, no one is there to listen, and corruption and inflation are skyrocketing ” said Abdullah.

On the way forward, the head of the NC said: “We will only be able to get out of this if the current government realizes that India is a secular nation, follows the preamble of the Constitution, which says that everyone is equal, and end this division of communities… India is more important, and we need to unite communities rather than divide them if you are to go ahead and shine above the rest of the world.

The former chief minister also sharply criticized the JK administration’s decision to stop the “Darbar Move”, an age-old practice under which the civilian secretariat – the seat of government – used to relocate its base. every six months between the twin capitals. from Srinagar and Jammu.

During his recent tour of the Jammu area, seen as a solid base for BJP, he said that the idea that everything is BJP is “wrong” and that it is just a hype.

“As I said before, people see the suffering they go through and the promises they have made. They realized that it was not Lord Ram who was in danger and the Muslims also realized that Allah is not in danger either. Indeed, it is the people who are in danger. They suffer and live from day to day in some places, ”he said.

Reiterating his demand for early assembly elections to restore popular government in Jammu and Kashmir, Abdullah said that in a democratic setting, people can go and question the MP because the lawmaker is always available near them.

“And how dare he not answer!” He knows he will disappear in five years if he fails the public, “he added.

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