Jats and BJP have been fighting Mughals for 650 years, says Union Home Minister Amit Shah

Ahead of the Uttar Pradesh elections, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Wednesday urged Jat community leaders to back the saffron party as the two were engaged in the fight against the same enemy, the Mughals.

Dressed in a ‘pagadi’, a symbol of Jat community identity, Shah recounted an anecdote where he was asked about the centuries-old association with the community. “I was asked that we were only a 50 year old party so how come we have been fighting together for 650 years. I said you fought the Mughals, we too are fighting them It’s our relationship. Now we do it too,” Shah said.

The meeting of the old BJP chief with community leaders is gaining prominence as the party tries to collect its votes, crucial in western Uttar Pradesh, in the upcoming assembly polls.

Shah also warned RLD leader Jayant Chaudhary. “He chose a wrong house (covenant) this time. But our doors are always open to him,” Shah told the Jat chief.

The crucial meeting to reach the Jat community took place at the residence of West Delhi MP Parvesh Sahib Singh Verma.

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the RLD alliance with the Samajwadi party gives the ruling BJP a hard time.

The crowded lawns of Verma’s Janpath residence with Jat community leaders were an indication that the BJP values ​​community support in Uttar Pradesh.

The leaders present at the meeting said that Amit Shah gave us respect and that the Jat community will ensure the victory of the BJP.

Shah showed his gratitude to the community for supporting the party over the years.

“The Jats won us the elections in 2014, 2017, 2019 and we had their support and I believe they will win us this election as well. BJP has your love and blessings. We have appointed a university to Aligarh in the name of King Jat, built highways and brought Jewar airport for employment and prosperity in the region,” Shah told the leaders.

He also mentioned that under the BJP government, the state did not experience any riots.

Attending the meeting were BJP MPs Satyapal Singh and Sanjeev Balyan as well as BJP West UP Chairman Mohit Beniwal.

Balian, while calling on Jat leaders to gain support for the party, said, “Look at the MPs and MPs that the BJP has created in our community in UP and Center. You must now all go to the field for 15 days.

Western UP has 7% Jat population.

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