Mayor of Fairfield creates youth alliance to develop leadership skills

“The mission is to bring young people representing their city, community, and schools together to work toward the common goal of developing their individual leadership skills to strengthen their communities through volunteer service and increased communication with civic leaders,” he said, referring to the organization’s mission statement. .

Due to the size of the group, Rhodus involved Fairfield City Schools.

Fairfield City Schools spokeswoman Gina Gentry-Fletcher said the real-world opportunities students in the district will experience “will be invaluable.”

“We promote the importance of student engagement in our community as a way to build leadership skills, volunteerism, community pride, and project-based learning,” said Gentry-Fletcher. “Partnering with the city in this endeavor is a win for everyone involved. We are thrilled that student perspectives are encouraged and that our young people learn by working directly with city leaders and staff. What better way to grow our future leaders than to offer them this close and personal opportunity. »

Due to high student interest, Rhodus recently contacted Fairfield Twp. Trustee Chair Shannon Hartkemeyer on Township inclusion. The mayor thinks this may be appropriate for students who live in Fairfield Township. learn more about their home government.

Hartkemeyer confirmed the mayor recently reached out to her and said the first opportunity she would have to discuss the invitation to participate with her fellow directors would be at the April 12 board meeting.