PPDS Launches Global Partner Alliance Affiliate Program – rAVe [PUBS]

PPDS (aka: Philips digital signage) has just launched its Global Partner Alliance (GPA) affiliate program. The invitation-only PPDS GPA is a mutually beneficial initiative and is designed to connect multinational companies to PPDS regional integration specialists, combining local expertise with Philips professional displays and proven display solutions from PPDS.

Covering over 200 countries, the PPDS GPA is led by Simone Gagliardi, International Key Account Director at PPDS, who said, “The PPDS Global Partner Alliance (GPA) is an exclusive program comprised of our most prestigious business partners from around the world. . Through this alliance, our regional and global clients benefit from an unparalleled international framework that ensures consistency and relevance to their operating markets, providing the best products, services, solutions and facilities with precise strategies and positioning.

“With the GPA, our international customers enjoy complete peace of mind and confidence in our collective capabilities, coupled with incredible geographic reach for installations without the headache of managing geographic technicalities.”

Each partner in the PPDS alliance was selected in the GPA based on their capabilities, certifications, and ongoing relationship with PPDS. All GPA Partners are trained and certified to deliver the best knowledge and performance across PPDS’ portfolio of products, services and solutions.

With the latest North American additions, the GPA comprises 60 members, specializing in a variety of verticals – including retail, corporate, hospitality and education. Supporting customers in over 200 countries, the Alliance spans Europe, the Middle East, Africa and now, with Deel Media and Media Services Worldwide, both in North America.

PPDS GPA partners, including Jacob Volk, Executive Vice President of Client Services at DEEL Media, came together to network and share experiences and opportunities at the Alliance’s inaugural gathering in Barcelona during ISE 2022.

Commenting on DEEL Media’s new PPDS GPA membership, Jacob said, “DEEL Media has been working with Philips Professional Displays for over seven years and our relationship with the PPDS team has only grown stronger. We are delighted to have become the first PPDS GPA member in North America, strengthening our business globally, while also giving us the opportunity to support our international peers.

“It was great meeting other members at the GPA event in Barcelona. We look forward to working with many of our new colleagues globally and seeing them again soon.”

Garry Darvin, President and CEO of Media Services Worldwide, said, “We are thrilled to be invited to be one of the first members from the US region to join the PPDS Global Partner Alliance. As part of the “best of the best” integrated solution partners, we are excited to work together to collaborate with our partners in developing strategies for new opportunities and end-to-end solutions. »

Milan-based solution provider Tailoradio has been a member of GPA since its inception, selected by PPDS as a partner for the design, installation and maintenance of Philips professional digital signage solutions for the retail market.

Founder and CEO, Massimo Petrella, spoke of the opportunities it brings to the company: “Tailoradio’s involvement in the Global Partner Alliance has provided us with the incredible advantage of being able to affiliate with a program that has far-reaching world and immense opportunities in the co-development and presentation of our capabilities and solutions.

GPA projects are managed, positioned and supported – from tender to completion – by PPDS’ International Key Account Management (IKAM) team. Launched in 2021, the team provides a single point of contact for global brands and enterprises to ensure fast, reliable and optimized solutions with unparalleled responsiveness and efficiency.

Speaking to members at the event in Barcelona, ​​Franck Racape said: “Creating a network of local systems integration heroes to cover the more than 200 countries where Philips Professional Displays operate has been, from day one, our North Star. With the PPDS GPA, we have embodied this strategy, offering a single point of contact, with global engagement, fueled by teamwork with you all. These are the optimal conditions for world trade.

He concluded, “Whether you are a system integrator, consultant or any other business, at PPDS our goal is to inspire you with the best products, services and connection solutions. Including proven software and complementary hardware recommendations, plus a premium warranty offered worldwide, helping your business push the boundaries of today’s technology with industry-leading solutions. Together we can accomplish the world.