Seagate: Data Storage Wallet Review

Seagate is a leader in the data storage industry with an established reputation that offers a range of solutions.

Fremont, Calif.-based Seagate, founded in 1979, employs more than 40,000 people and has operations in Silicon Valley, China, the UK, India and Singapore. See below for all about Seagate’s position in the data storage market:

Data Storage Wallet

Seagate offers three types of storage solutions:


Lyve Edge-to-Cloud

  • Mass storage platform used to capture unstructured data
  • Predictable consumption model as a service with no vendor dependency
  • Complements existing cloud infrastructure while overcoming data gravity barriers
  • Breaks down multicloud and multisite data silos
  • Policy-based orchestration enables fast, frictionless movement and ingestion of data from endpoint to edge and cloud

Lyve multicloud object storage

  • Object storage for mass data
  • Capacity-based pricing with no hidden charges for output or API calls, reducing total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Transfers data seamlessly across public and private cloud environments
  • High availability and durability with globally recognized security standards
  • ISO 270001:2013 and SOC2 certified
  • Ransomware protection, enterprise-grade identity management support, automatic data replication, and data-at-rest and in-flight encryption


With over 40 years of developing and manufacturing storage hardware solutions, Seagate offers a number of innovative hardware solutions:

  • Live support: Converged Object Storage Infrastructure Solution for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data
  • Lyve mobile shuttle: Edge storage solution designed to store and move data to and from emerging Edge environments, with and without the use of a computer, including support for most industry standard file systems
  • Lyve mobile bay: Enables high-capacity, high-performance data transfers while utilizing AES 256-bit hardware encryption and key management, in a rugged, lockable carrying case
  • Data Storage Systems and Enterprise Drives: Petabyte to Exabyte Storage Solutions with Firmware and Multi-Core Capabilities



  • Intelligent object storage software optimized for mass capacity and data-intensive workloads
  • 100% open source and community-driven design, providing faster access to innovations that can be customized by any business
  • Provides structured access to unstructured information, with built-in search and analysis

The partners

Working with an organization as mature as Seagate as a partner means having access to various resources and benefits, including:

  • Training and education with specialized courses to meet the specific needs of companies
  • Demand Generation
  • Marketing and sales support
  • Monthly newsletter with industry news and events
  • Access to a self-service portal

For potential partners looking to build innovative solutions, Seagate offers the Partner Program Builder Track which provides access to additional resources, such as marketing development funds, level discounts and other personalized benefits.

Independent software and hardware vendors offering complementary solutions to Seagate enterprise systems products are invited to join their Tech Alliance. Partners in this program have the opportunity to promote solutions with Seagate.

Becoming a Seagate Partner means joining a list of trusted partners, including: Commvault; Equinine; Veritas; IBM; Red Hat; Bosch; Intel; and VMware.

Data Storage Use Cases

Concerned about their ability to compete with the most significant players in the cloud storage industry, needed a data storage partner that could scale quickly to meet their growing demands.

With a mission to provide enterprise customers with secure access to massive loads of data, also needed automatic failover systems and HIPAA-compliant secure features that meet the demands of legal firms, healthcare health and accounting. used Seagate’s EXOS E high-density storage system.

Key Benefits:

  • Scaling to provide services to over 1 million users
  • Increased capacity to meet demands of 3 PB per month
  • 99% uptime for customers
  • 10 TB of storage for users

“The Seagate solution is a key component under the hood. Without Seagate, we wouldn’t be able to scale in a way that gives us peace of mind – and is in the business of peace of mind. For, the success was threefold: the ability to introduce new products, improve scalability, and build customer confidence,” said Thomas Savundra, co-founder and president of

Seagate Data Storage User Reviews

Seagate storage solutions are well-reviewed, earning a 4.4 out of 5 star rating from Gartner Peer Insights users.

“At Dropbox, we need to deploy the most cost-effective storage without sacrificing reliability, security, and performance. That’s why we’ve continually partnered with Seagate. Their collaboration is essential to help Dropbox define our future storage architecture,” says a Seagate user Ali ZafarSenior Director of Platform Strategy and Operations, Dropbox, on a business trip.

Seagate Data Storage Industry Recognition

  • Won the National Association of Manufacturers Leadership Award in 2022

Seagate in the hard drive market

Regarding the global market share of hard disk drives (HDDs), a segment of the data storage market, Seagate is estimated to hold the first position in 2021, with 43% of the marketahead of Western Digital at 36%, according to Statista.

At the end of the line

Seagate offers a broad portfolio of quality data storage solutions with global reach, an established history of quality customer support, and recently committed to powering its global footprint with 100% renewable energy by 2030.