SimplePractice Enterprise Launches API to Expand Access to Covered Behavioral Healthcare

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SimplePractice, an EngageSmart (NYSE:ESMT) solution and industry-leading platform simplifying the health and wellness experience for more than 140,000 individual and small group providers, today announced the launching SimplePractice Enterprise™ to serve Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) today. SimplePractice Enterprise’s first customers include small, medium and large EAPs whose combined registered members total over 130 million people.

With SimplePractice Enterprise, healthcare organizations can streamline their members’ access to behavioral healthcare. SimplePractice’s MCO and EAP partners have found that a significant percentage of their provider networks include behavioral health providers who use SimplePractice’s software. With a simple API integration that connects to the SimplePractice accounts of overlapping providers, schedulers (either members themselves or care coordinators) can instantly see availability of overlapping providers and request an appointment -you. This, in turn, creates a simpler, more streamlined referral process for providers and is designed to increase provider and patient satisfaction.

A study by The Hartford shows that between 2020 and 2021, 70% of employers saw an increase in EAP usage due to increased stress and burnout. Meanwhile, the National Alliance on Mental Illness reports that three-quarters of Americans (75%) say they are unhappy with the state of mental health treatment in the United States. Many therapy seekers struggle to find the best provider for them, get in touch with the provider, and successfully schedule an appointment.

SimplePractice Enterprise simplifies this process by allowing easy planning with SimplePractice providers who are already part of an existing EAP or MCO network.

SimplePractice Enterprise offers a number of features that simplify the experience for healthcare members, providers and customers:

  • Planners (members or care coordinators) can filter SimplePractice behavioral health providers in the network by location, specialty, and more.

  • Planners can view provider profile information and real-time availability, and request an appointment on the spot.

  • Providers automatically receive online appointment requests directly into their SimplePractice accounts and can confirm or decline instantly.

  • Healthcare customers have access to valuable information such as the average time to get an appointment with a provider, as well as a provider’s appointment request rate, acceptance/ patient/clinician refusal and cancellation rate.

  • The SimplePractice team regularly meets with healthcare clients to find out what is working well and what can be improved to further increase access.

“With the significant increase in the need for behavioral health counseling over the past two years, improving access to behavioral health providers is more important than ever,” said Kristin Matthews, clinical director of KGA, a SimplePractice Enterprise customer. “It is essential that we make the referral process for behavioral health providers as efficient as possible. With SimplePractice Enterprise, we are able to easily access the schedules of our panel of providers who are also SimplePractice customers and request appointments immediately.

“SimplePractice was founded on the principle of ‘helping those dedicated to helping others’. We have always prided ourselves on empowering our vendors to manage and grow their practices, so they can better support their customers” , said SimplePractice President, Jonathan Seltzer, “SimplePractice Enterprise is creating a win on all sides – by simplifying access to mental health care in a way that immediately benefits healthcare organizations, members seeking helpers and behavioral health practitioners who provide life-saving care.”

Learn more about SimplePractice Enterprise here.

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SimplePractice, an EngageSmart healthcare solution, is the industry leading platform simplifying the health and wellness experience for both practitioner and patient.

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