Survivor: the 10 best alliances, according to Reddit

Alliances are an integral part of Survivor. They have been since Borneo, when Richard Hatch helped create the concept and used it to force his way to the end. The concept of alliances has been used and improved upon throughout the previous 40 seasons, and no season is complete without them.

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Of course, some alliances are better than others. Alliances fall apart all the time due to betrayal and mistrust, and there can only be one survivor. A good alliance is actually quite a rare thing, and Reddit users recognize a good one when they see it.

ten Tagi

The alliance that started it all, Tagi is to be commended for its historic character. The Tagi Four was made up of creator Richard Hatch (who changed the way the very Survivor game is played), Kelly Wiglesworth, Rudy Boesch and Susan Hawk, with Sean Kenniff as a strong affiliate.

Reddit user triforce28 asks, “How about the first Final 4 to ever play the game?” ” Prax150 replies, “I don’t know if any of them are still friends (maybe Hatch and Rudy?) But holy cow, what an eclectic band that was.”

9 Denise and Malcolm

Winner Denise Stapley gave viewers some memorable scenes, but perhaps the most iconic aspect of her underdog was the alliance she shared with Malcolm Freberg. It is one of the strongest friendships in the history of Survivor.

This is a personal favorite of the Reddit user niewolec, who writes: “One of my favorites was Denise and Malcolm. Not only were they so different … but they had a great story Philippines. Both survived the systematic destruction of their tribe, then were separated and sent to the two remaining tribes. “

8 Rob and Amber

Survivor Boston Rob proposes to Amber

There’s no denying that Boston and Amber are the best Survivor show of all time. they dominated All stars together, they shared electrical chemistry and became reality TV superstars due to their popularity and genuine love for each other.

Reddit user kcidol2002 thinks they are the biggest wedding ring in the history of the show, writing, “Rob and Amber. They got married and have a litter of children. If this isn’t the best wedding ring, I don’t know. what it is.”

7 Aitu four

Aitu Four kissing on Survivor

The four Aitu of the Cook Islands could be the biggest alliance in the history of the series. As a Reddit user SweatingBalls3 writing, “[They] had a tribe of 4 against a tribe of 8 and beat the 8 in all challenges they participated in. We managed to get Penner back on their side to get the majority after the merger. “

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They easily defeated the Raro alliance and ultimately made up the last four of the match. It’s the kind of success story that makes Survivor such a convincing watch.

6 The alliance of exile

Brendan from Survivor looking at the camera

Coming from Tocantins, the Exile Alliance was the very first pre-merger alliance made up of members of opposing tribes. The Exile Island twist saw Timbira’s Brendan Synnott and Sierra Reed team up with Jalapao’s Taj Johnson-George and Stephen Fischbach.

It is a favorite of fall, who says, “The Exile Island alliance had the potential to be hands down the best ever, but Brendan screwed it up.” The alliance broke up as a result of the merger, and Brendan was its first member to be kicked out.

5 Casaya

Shane makes a face on Survivor

Coming from Panama, the Casaya alliance consisted of six members of the Casaya tribe following the reshuffle. Sadly, they collapsed under Terry Deitz’s immunity run, and he remains one of the most prolific immunity challenge winners.

Hark_An_Adventure writes: “In my opinion, the Casaya tribe of Panama is the best alliance in Survivor the story. Despite being legendarily dysfunctional, the tribe was one of the most dominant in show history and produced many golden moments. “

4 Stephen & JT

JT and Stephen sit together on Survivor

Tocantins provided the legendary duo of Stephen Fishbach and JT Thomas. In the end, the two friends and allies were the last two of the season, and JT ended up winning unanimously 7-0.

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As Banglayna writes: “I think the best alliance has to be Stephen and JT. They complement each other perfectly, Stephen is the strategic brain, he creates all the plans and moves for the 2 and manages to find HII, on the other hand JT is a amazing social and physical player. JT social game allows them to connect with others and be loved, while its physical game allows at least 1 of them to always be safe. “

3 Black Widows Brigade

Amanda and Parvati at the final meeting, holding hands

The Black Widow Brigade of Micronesia is easily one of the most famous Survivor alliances, and it culminated in the victory of fan favorite Parvati Shallow.

One now deleted Reddit user writes, “God, it’s so predictable to say that, but the Black Widow Brigade holds up so well to re-observation no matter how many more seasons it takes. I think it’s disbelief to watch these men fall one by one. one in the blind spots (including Alexis) combined with the sheer joy they had in doing it. It was so much fun to watch. “

2 Russell & Parvati

Survivors sitting in Heroes vs Villains

Heroes vs. Villains is widely regarded as one of the show’s greatest seasons, and it was largely dominated by Russell Hantz and Parvati Shallow.

It was a great alliance, as a Reddit user Knickstape08 explains, “Russell and Parvati, they were like Kobe and Shaq. The two superstars always needed each other to get to the end. Their only problem was that they underestimated how much the heroes loved Sandra. compared to them. “

1 Jonny Fairplay & Burton Roberts

Pearl Islands contained the wonderfully villainous Jonny Fairplay, and he ended up in a solid alliance with Burton Roberts. Burton was fifth and Jonny third.

It is the best alliance of the game according to rough shelter, which states, “For the quality of the game and the value of the entertainment, my vote has to go with Burton and Fairplay in Pearl Islands. They have dominated most of the post-merger gaming factions against each other, they have consciously embraced and used the villain role, and their back-and-forth fight with and eventual fall at the hands of Sandra and Pouty Lil was pure gold to behold. “

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