The University of Toledo introduces a new Gender Inclusive Practices Policy

A new policy would give everyone on campus the option to use their chosen name instead of their legal name.

TOLEDO, Ohio — The University of Toledo seeks to be more inclusive.

A new policy would give people on campus the option to use whatever name they chose.

The Gender Inclusive Practices Policy would essentially require all members of the university to call others by their preferred first name.

And, for many students, this policy would make little difference.

“It’s been done before,” said Charlie Lane, co-chair of UToledo’s Sexuality and Gender Alliance group. “I’m trans and I know people don’t say your birth name, they’re supposed to say your favorite name. I think there’s only one teacher who doesn’t say it.”

Lane says this policy is one more step to making sure everyone feels included.

“What he’s really doing is UT saying we’re with LGBT people, rather than against them, which is kind of what’s going on in state politics right now,” he said. he declared.

WTOL 11 contacted university officials for more information on the policy.

A spokesperson for the university sent us this statement:

“The Gender Inclusive Practices Policy has been proposed to respect and affirm the identity of all members of the University of Toledo community in accordance with our commitment to fostering an environment of inclusion. It is aligned with the University’s LGBTQA+ strategic plan.”

People were able to leave their thoughts on politics.

Although after March 21, the University will begin to review them. He indicated that changes to the policy could occur based on the comments received.

You can read the policy here.