Air Canada reconnects with India –

Air Canada reconnects with India

The question of when to safely reopen Canada’s borders for some international travelers remains a constant conversation among many world leaders during the ongoing Covid-19 ordeal. Many major airlines continue to monitor travel restrictions and must adjust their flight schedules and route network to meet the entry restrictions imposed. Domestic travel has been the focus of attention due to the reduction in international flights, and Air Canada is quickly resuming domestic operations at its hubs. However, with the prospect of a reopening of borders on the horizon, the carrier is rebuilding its network of long-haul routes.

Canada’s federal government recently lifted its long travel ban on international flights to / from India and instead chooses to implement more improved COVID-19 screening procedures such as testing and documentation of vaccination. In response to the lifting of the ban, the leading carrier Star Alliance announced the resumption of flights from its hubs in Canada to its network of routes in India.

“People are eager to reunite with family and friends and we are very happy to immediately resume service from India to our hubs in Toronto and Vancouver after the restrictions are lifted by the Government of Canada,” Mark Galardo, vice -Senior president of network and revenue planning. Air Canada management said.We continue to focus on the growing market of visiting friends and relatives, and with the long-standing cultural and commercial ties between Canada and India, which are expected to grow over the next few years, Air Canada remains firmly committed to this important region of the Asia-Pacific. Marlet.”

The Montreal, QC-based carrier has resumed flights from Toronto and Vancouver to New Delhi and plans to eventually launch service from Montreal this fall. Flights to Mumbai are expected to be scheduled for the next seasonal vacation travel period shortly.

In light of Canada’s federal government lifting restrictions, the airline plans to require its passengers to have proof of a negative COVID-19 test. The test must be performed in an accredited laboratory, within 18 hours of departure from India.

Air Canada is not the only carrier to resume flights to India recently, as Air India – one of Air Canada’s partners in Star Alliance – plans to resume daily flights from Toronto to New Delhi on September 30. , while flights from Vancouver to the Indian capital will resume on October 1, operating three times a week.

The two carriers, who simultaneously restarted flights, play an important role in strengthening the partnership between them and the cultural relations between the two nations. In addition, the two airlines have the opportunity to attract as much of the remaining passenger demand for the Asian market.

Clearly, Air Canada is contributing to the country’s efforts to reopen its borders to more countries through its long-haul operations. The return of the airline’s operations in India contrasts sharply with its restart of domestic flights from its hubs. It is undeniable that long-haul travel has been significantly impacted due to the effects of COVID-19. However, the Canadian national carrier is on its way to return from long-haul operations to Asia, with India.

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