China’s plans for a national cybersecurity barrier. A US Federal Role in the Open Source Software Supply Chain? An overview of the proposed reporting deadlines.

CISA: Federal agencies take action to address Log4j flaw (Decipher) The CISA said thousands of internet-connected assets have been mitigated by federal agencies under its emergency directive that fixed the Log4j flaw.

CISA Still Helps Federal Agencies Address Log4j Vulnerability (MeriTalk) The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) said today it continues to help federal agencies fix the Log4j vulnerability that CISA first warned against in December.

Log4j Lesson: Improvements in Open Source Software Need Federal Help (POLITICS) The tech industry is preparing solutions to the security risks posed by the collaborative software that underpins modern computing, but Washington’s help could be critical to the success of the project.

The case of cyber realism (Foreign Affairs) Geopolitical problems have no technical solutions.

Russian troops intervene in protests in Kazakhstan, where security forces have killed dozens of protesters (Washington post) Russian troops landed in Kazakhstan on Thursday after the president of the Central Asian country asked for help quelling massive anti-government protests – a major test of a Moscow-led military alliance as the Kremlin deepened its role in crisis.

Kazakh President gives order to shoot to kill to quell uprising (Reuters) The President of Kazakhstan said on Friday he had ordered his forces to shoot to kill to deal with the unrest of those he called bandits and terrorists, a day after Russia sent troops to quell an uprising across the country.

Troubles in Kazakhstan: from Russia to the United States, the world reacts (Al jazeera) Bloody protests have drawn the attention of regional powers Russia and China, as well as Western capitals.

West must stand up to Russia in Kazakhstan, opposition leader says (Reuters) The West must remove Kazakhstan from Moscow’s orbit or Russian President Vladimir Putin will draw the Central Asian state into “a structure like the Soviet Union,” a former minister who is now a leader told Reuters of the Kazakh opposition.

How Kazakhstan could change Putin’s calculation on Ukraine (Atlantic Council) The unrest begs Putin a question: Should he continue his campaign of intimidation on his western flank or tackle the dangers hanging over his south?

What is behind Russia’s latest demands (Foreign police) Moscow has long been irritated by Ukraine’s relations with the West, so why the sudden urgency?

Putin painted himself in a corner | Opinion (News week) The Russian president is making a colossal bet.

France says Putin is trying to bypass EU on Ukraine by speaking only to US (Reuters) France’s foreign minister said on Friday that Russia was trying to bypass the European Union by holding talks directly with the United States over Ukraine.

US, Germany move closer before meeting with Russia over Ukraine tensions ( With Russian troops massed on the Ukrainian border, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his German counterpart are gathering ahead of next week’s meetings with Russian officials aimed at defusing the crisis.

Europe plays the role of spectator vis-à-vis the United States and Russia in the Ukraine crisis (Global Policy Review) The Russian invasion of Ukraine that some have been waiting for in Europe in recent weeks has not materialized, but Russian troops amassed at their border have still not dispersed. The bigger question for Brussels remains whether to use a carrot or a stick approach to convince Russia to cut back on its Ukrainian press.

Strong and secure Europe (Foreign Affairs) To deter Russia, America must help revive the region’s security architecture.

What it will take to deter Russia (Foreign Affairs) Sanctions alone will not stop Putin from launching another invasion.

China’s cyberspace regulator says it will build strong national cybersecurity barrier (Reuters) China will speed up the establishment of a comprehensive Internet governance system and build a strong national cybersecurity barrier, the cyberspace regulator said Thursday.

US, Japan sound the alarm on China, seek new defense collaboration (Thomson-Reuters Foundation) UPDATE 3-US and Japan are sounding the alarm on China and seeking new defense collaboration

Cyber ​​Command task force carried out its first offensive operation under the watchful eye of the Secretary of Defense (The reader) The operation is another sign of the rapidly changing nature of digital warfare and the future importance of offensive cyber operations.

Fears are growing that cyber chaos will start wars as hacking attacks become more aggressive (The Washington Times) National Cyber ​​Security Director John C. Inglis told the House Oversight and Reform Committee in November that a cyber attack is generally considered an act of war when it causes the same amount of damage as a kinetic weapon, including things like “loss of health security, national security of a significant nature. Some cyber attacks have come dangerously close to Mr. Inglis’ generic definition of cyber warfare.”

Japan, US express concern over Chinese attempt to undermine rules-based order (The Mainichi) TOKYO (Kyodo) – Japanese and US foreign and defense chiefs on Friday expressed concerns over China’s attempts to

Kosovo bans cryptocurrency mining to save electricity (Reuters) The Kosovo government on Tuesday introduced a ban on cryptocurrency mining in an attempt to reduce electricity consumption as the country faces the worst energy crisis in a decade due to production outages.

An overview of TSA’s new cybersecurity regime for pipelines and railways (Federal Information Network) Operators of pipelines, freight railways and passenger transportation systems face a parade of cybersecurity deadlines this year.

UN says action to improve cyberspace security is needed now (Open access government) With 782 million people having joined the Internet since 2019, what is being done to protect people when they are online?

Former NSA official competes to steer Biden’s cyber policy (Bloomberg) Anne Neuberger is at the center of a bureaucratic standoff within the White House.

POLITICO Pro Q&A: Cyberspace Solarium Commission Co-Chairs Senator Angus King and Representative Mike Gallagher on Group Legacy (POLITICS) As the congressional-chartered group draws to a close, its two leaders reflect on what they’ve accomplished and how they’re moving forward.

A cyber commission was Congress’ secret weapon (Washington post) The last two years have been important for cyber legislation. And the Cyberspace Solarium Commission has been a driving force.

Key Considerations for Canada’s National Cyber ​​Security Strategy (The state of security) Trudeau instructed the ministers of National Defense, Foreign Affairs, Public Safety and Industry to develop a new “national cybersecurity strategy”.