Jio and Google Cloud 5G win-win partnership

Jio and Google Cloud 5G win-win partnership. Source: Jio

  • Google is taking its collaboration with Reliance a step further with a new 5G partnership.
  • The partnership involves collaboration for Jio’s 5G telecommunications service and the migration of core businesses of parent company Reliance Industries, including Reliance Retail, JioMart, and JioSaavn to Google Cloud infrastructure.
  • Overall, the alliance between the two giants would help small businesses and lay the groundwork for India’s next phase of digitization.

Last month, Indian telecoms giant Reliance Jio and Google Cloud teamed up to deliver faster internet, help small businesses and lay the groundwork for India’s next phase of digitization. The deal between the two companies is one of Google’s biggest cloud deals, which could generate $ 1 billion in revenue for the California-based tech giant, experts say. To top it off, it will help over a billion Indians connect to Faster and better internet.

The partnership is not limited to 5G collaboration, but covers other avenues such as the transition of legacy Reliance companies like Retail and JioMart to the cloud, including application development with advanced computing, say the reports. The deal with Reliance Jio Infocomm to develop cloud solutions for its business and consumer offerings will help Google earn $ 1 billion in revenue, analysts say.

The deal is one of the biggest for Google Cloud, which takes on competitors such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure head-on in the field. According to Economic times, the partnership is similar to Google’s deal with Deutsche Bank, which has been one of the biggest to date for the internet giant. As a reminder, Google, owned by Alphabet Inc, has set aside US $ 10 billion for investments in India, starting with the acquisition of a 7.73% stake for US $ 4.5 billion in the Jio platforms of Mukesh Ambani.

Basically, Google’s investment in Reliance and its deal shows the depth of collaboration between the different businesses of the two companies. The ET report cited analyst at Gartner Research Director Naveen Mishra, who said the deal will help Reliance predict the customer journey, modernize operations, meet and sell customers across the board. ‘ecosystem. The first phase of the application will be 5G and JioMart as they require a high technological dependence, he added.

What would India gain from Jio and Google?

As part of this long-term partnership, Google Cloud will provide a complete end-to-end cloud offering for fully automated lifecycle management of Jio 5G network And services. Jio and Google Cloud will collaborate to deliver a portfolio of cutting-edge 5G computing solutions to help industries address real business challenges.

Jio will explore the creation of new services in the gaming, healthcare, education and video entertainment industries. These services will use Jio’s 5G network, software and Google Cloud innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning; data and analytics, and other cloud native technologies – powered by Jio and powered by Google Cloud.

“It will help over a billion Indians connect to a faster and better internet… support businesses in their digital transformation and help Jio create new services in sectors such as healthcare, education etc., laying the groundwork for India’s next phase of digitization.

“As part of this collaboration, Reliance will also move its core retail operations to Google Cloud infrastructure,” said Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

The two tech giants will also launch an ultra-affordable 4G smartphone called the JioPhone on September 10 this year. The new phone, jointly developed by the Google and Jio teams, will be equipped with an integrated voice assistant, automatic text reading on the screen, language translation and a smart camera with augmented reality filters. . It will give access to all Jio and Google apps and the Play Store, according to Reliance Industries president Mukesh Ambani.

Sundar said the US tech giant has optimized a version of its Android operating system, especially for the new device. Although the price of the proposed device was not disclosed, the heads of both companies said it would be “by far” one of the most affordable smartphones, not only in India, but in the world.

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