Datapath joins the SDVoE alliance as an adopting member – rAVe [PUBS]

The SDVoE Alliance has announced that Datapath has joined as an adopting member. Datapath offers video wall and control room solutions as well as a range of processors, video wall controllers and graphics and capture cards. Datapath’s fully integrated Aetria platform enables the design, management and control of various systems, all AV over IP. Additionally, Datapath’s solutions offer both IP and near-zero latency KVM solutions, meaning sources can be routed to any display in any location and controlled from anywhere. where.

Justin Kennington, President of SDVoE Alliance, notes, “Datapath has found that its mission of putting the operator at the center is easily achieved through the power of SDVoE. Offering software-controlled video walls, multiview and KVM, SDVoE is a natural fit for Datapath’s goals, and I’m excited to see the new products that will result from this partnership.

Danny Wan, Marketing Communications Manager at Datapath adds, “The SDVoE Alliance shares our passion for the highest possible standard in network video and this is a bespoke alignment. As a member, we can leverage each other’s considerable experience to deliver market-leading products that deliver the lowest latency and highest quality network video to our end users.

AV over IP technology claims to support high quality audio/video transmission over long distances without latency, making it ideal for content delivery applications. SDVoE technology provides an end-to-end hardware and software platform for AV extension, switching, processing and control through “advanced chipset technology, common control APIs and interoperability”. SDVoE network architectures are based on off-the-shelf Ethernet switches, “thereby offering substantial cost savings and greater system flexibility and scalability compared to traditional approaches, such as point-to-point extension and matrix switching. circuit-based AV”.