Elekta and the Netherlands Cancer Institute team up for radiotherapy

Elekta and the Netherlands Cancer Institute have entered into a collaboration to develop the next generation of radiotherapy solutions and introduce new treatments to patients.

Under the ten-year strategic partnership and research and development (R&D) alliance, the parties will accelerate improvements to Elekta’s Unity and linac solutions by combining their expertise, resources and knowledge.

Improvements will be accelerated in solutions that include personalized and adaptive radiation therapy, imaging, new delivery approaches for cancer treatment, artificial intelligence, and software solutions for better workflow and patient care. decision.

Maurits Wolleswinkel, Chief Product Officer of Elekta, said: “With this agreement, we will together shape the future of radiotherapy through our research and product development relationships.

“This demonstrates our commitment to partner-led innovation and to making the best cancer care available to everyone who lives with cancer.”

The Dutch cancer center will co-develop customized treatment management software solutions and will also transform its scheduling system into Elekta’s new treatment management solution.

Anke van Mourik, Head of Medical Physical Radiation Therapy at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, said: “The strength of this collaboration lies in the synergy of visions, the strength of mutual innovation and the close collaboration between research and clinical.

“I am convinced that with our Elekta fleet and our joint innovations, we can have a real impact on patient care.”

A founding member of Elekta’s MR-Linac Consortium, the Netherlands Cancer Institute will acquire a second Unity system as part of the agreement.

Elekta also announced the launch of a new radiosurgery system, Elekta Esprit, which will provide rapid automated treatment planning and good visualization for clinicians.

The system includes the next-generation Gamma Knife, which enables more personalized radiosurgery and provides remote access for clinicians.

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