Microsoft and Sega envision “strategic alliance” focused on future of game development

Microsoft and Sega could work closely together on several future projects.

The two companies have agreed in principle to a new “strategic alliance” that would see Sega produce global games at scale using Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. This would be part of Sega’s “Super Game” initiative, which the company uses to prioritize areas important for innovative new titles, with “key focuses” on “global, online, community and IP use”, according to the company’s press. Release.

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing service, which supports software, platforms, and various infrastructures. Along with its other uses, Microsoft is using Azure to boost its cloud gaming environment and performance on mobile, PC and Xbox, where this partnership with Sega will shine.

By working together, Microsoft and Sega will anticipate technology trends in the gaming industry, optimize various development processes, and use Azure cloud technologies to deliver scalable and diverse gaming experiences to communities around the world, though it is. still in the process of reflection.

“We are very pleased to announce today that we are considering a strategic alliance with Microsoft to help develop Sega’s new ‘Super Game’ initiative as well as create a next-generation game development environment,” said Yukio Sugino, President and COO of Sega. “In considering a strategic partnership with Microsoft, we seek to further advance our game development so that our titles can be enjoyed by fans around the world; In this regard, we aim to build an alliance that utilizes both the powerful game development capabilities of Sega and the cutting edge technology and development environment of Microsoft.

Although some Sega titles do not appear on Microsoft’s Xbox consoles, namely Atlus Character series, companies have worked a lot together over the past decades, including bringing the set Yakuza franchise and other games he released on Xbox Game Pass.

This partnership also gives Microsoft a significant and well-established third-party partner that moves forward into a future of gaming that will build even more on the technology provided by Azure.

“Sega has played such an iconic role in the gaming industry and has been a tremendous partner over the years,” said Sarah Bond, Microsoft’s CVP. “We look forward to working together as they explore new ways to create unique gaming experiences for the future using Microsoft cloud technologies. Together, we’ll reinvent the way games are built, hosted and operated, with the goal of adding more value to gamers and Sega. “

More details on this potential partnership could be shared in a new future, but it shows that the two companies are very open to working together beyond just publishing games, which could lead to additional partnerships eventually. However, that doesn’t mean Microsoft is in talks to acquire Sega in any capacity, as many social media have speculated after the announcement.

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