Minority-owned clinical consulting firm ClinArk partners with community leaders to host Black Tie event in fight against sickle cell disease

DAYTON, Ohio, November 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – ClinArk, a clinical consulting firm that helps healthcare companies and contract research organizations achieve clinical feasibility, sponsors the company’s 2021 Inaugural Holiday Arts Gala to help raise awareness and the fight against sickle cell disease.

Connect and shape a more inclusive clinical research industry.

Chairman and CEO of ClinArk, Adam brown, is delighted that the company is sponsoring this effort. “I think it takes a village to tackle any issue affecting our communities. Hosting this event is a way for ClinArk to raise awareness of the issue and help bring the village together for a common cause by helping those affected by it. this disease, ”he said.

The event will take place at the historic Cincinnati Academy of Fine Arts in the city On the Rhine district. Ten programmed artists will compose original and unique works live on site to be exhibited. The unique works of art will be featured alongside works by additional young artists, which will be available for purchase as part of the evening’s fundraising festivities. Other celebrations planned for the evening include a DJ, live musical performance, comedy and word art recitals.

“The Cincinnati Academy of Fine Arts is honored to bring together the artistic community to help raise awareness about sickle cell disease, ”said Joe Girandola, President of the Cincinnati Academy of Fine Arts.

Tickets for the exclusive healthcare industry gala will be sold on an attendance basis limited to 250 people, with proceeds going to the Sickle Cell Alliance Foundation. Vouchers can be purchased by guests for a $ 50.00 donation via Avoid online.

On ClinArk: ClinArk, founded in 2019, is a clinical consulting company that helps sponsors and contract research organizations execute clinical feasibility while engaging patients and communities. The company is dedicated to helping increase awareness and participation in clinical trials and providing customers with unwavering commitment and the highest level of ethical standards. ClinArk believes the organization’s departments should address the issues that help make the world a better place. The organization’s service offerings help expand access and awareness of clinical trials by helping all communities learn about clinical research and clinical trial opportunities in their region, regardless of zip code.

About Alliance Foundation Against Sickle Cell Disease: Launched in May 2014, Sickle Cell Alliance Foundation is a passionate, non-profit community organization. The group is committed to being a valuable resource in guiding and assisting families and patients – children, adolescents and adults – living with life-threatening sickle cell disease by working to ensure that the appropriate programs and necessary resources are available and offered. to the patient and caregiver (s). The Sickle Cell Alliance Foundation advocates for, partners with and develops relationships with hospitals, schools, businesses and government officials. This is to help raise awareness and mobilize the funds needed to educate at local and national levels and improve care.

About Cincinnati Academy of Fine Arts: The Cincinnati Academy of the Arts was founded in 1869 and is over 150 years old. It currently trains around 200 undergraduates and 10 graduate students and celebrates a rich tradition of innovation and excellence in the visual arts. The school delivers several diplomas for studies: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Arts in Art Education, Associate of Science in Graphic Design. The Art Academy is one of the smallest four-year art schools in the country, providing students with highly individualized attention from faculty, the freedom to develop a unique vision, and an exceptional opportunity to forge a career for themselves. identity.

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