Nokia resumes technical work with O-RAN Alliance

Nokia said it had resumed its technical contribution to the O-RAN Alliance, after the group assured that its work complied with US law.

In a Blog, Nokia Mobile Networks Chairman Tommi Uitto explained Nokia’s commitment to Open RAN and that the alliance has remained as strong as when it first supported the initiatives.

“For a short time, we had to put our technical activity with the alliance on hold while important legal issues were resolved. While a lot has been written about this move in recent days, I want to reiterate something that has not changed – and will not change: Nokia is fully committed to O-RAN and believes in the potential of O-RAN. O-RAN, ”said the leader. .

“It is for this reason that we welcome the encouraging news that the O-RAN Alliance has announced changes to its documents and procedures for participating in O-RAN, ensuring that technical activities can continue in accordance with to US law. This important announcement allows us to resume the exciting work that we had to put on hold, ”added the manager.

Uitto added that Nokia’s technical contribution to the alliance is restarting now. “We believe that Open RAN technology has the potential to enrich the mobile ecosystem with new solutions and business models, as well as an expanded multi-vendor ecosystem. It’s what customers and consumers want – and it’s something we’re committed to doing. “

The executive stressed that the supplier remains the most important contributor to the alliance’s technical work, adding that Nokia’s technical contributions are visible in most of the alliance’s ten working groups and four discussion groups.

“The O-RAN specifications are still evolving and there are technical challenges to overcome and of course the ecosystem will take time to mature. The speed with which the O-RAN Alliance has been able to resolve recent issues is a testament to the spirit of community and cooperation on which it was founded. Rest assured that Nokia will continue to play a leading role in building its exciting future, ”added the leader.

In a separate statement, the O-RAN Alliance said it has heard concerns about certain participants that may be subject to US export regulations and is working with O- participants. RAN to address these concerns.

“The O-RAN Board of Directors has approved the changes to the O-RAN participation documents and procedures. While it is up to each O-RAN participant to make their own assessment of these changes, O-RAN is optimistic that the changes will address concerns and facilitate O-RAN’s mission.

“O-RAN is an open and collaborative global alliance operating in a way that promotes transparency and the participation of our member companies in the development and adoption of global open specifications and standards,” said Andre Fuetsch, President of the O-RAN Alliance.

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