The IATSE continues its “mobilization” for a possible strike and awaits a response to the proposals – deadline

IATSE leaders said Thursday they are waiting for the Alliance of Film and Television Producers to respond to the union’s latest round of contract proposals as they continue to “mobilize” for a possible strike.


“We presented AMPTP with our latest package proposal on the evening of Sunday, September 12,” said IATSE President Matt Loeb and leaders of the union’s 13 West Coast studio locals in their last release to their members. “They did not submit a counter-proposal, although the lines of communication remain open. The union remains committed to securing an acceptable contract that recognizes the value our highly skilled and experienced members bring to this industry, which includes addressing long-standing health and safety issues that have plagued our yards for decades. Meanwhile, membership mobilization continues as we prepare for either a contract ratification or a strike authorization vote. You must continue to report to work. We will let you know as soon as more information becomes available.

On Wednesday, Loeb said negotiations for a new contract for film and television have come at a “critical moment” and that “while the mega-companies that make up AMPTP remain reluctant to meet our core priorities and deal with workers with human dignity, it will take the combined solidarity of each of us to change our minds.

“We are united in demanding more humane working conditions across the industry, including reasonable rest during and between work days and weekends, fair pay on streaming productions and pay minimum living space, “he said in a statement on Wednesday.

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