Treyarch issues public statement on Blizzard

Treyarch’s statement was, according to sources, provided by women in the company

Treyarch, the known developer for Call of Duty, has released a public statement regarding Activision Blizzard. It comes in the midst of the still ongoing Raven Software strike, which now lasts approximately 21 days at the time of writing. While there have been statements from various Blizzard Alliance Twitter accounts, this is the first time that one of Blizzard’s sub-studios has offered a comment on the Blizzard scandal itself.

This was offered via Twitter and is only locked to those the Twitter account mentioned with the following message:

Our culture has no room for sexism, harassment, racism, bigotry, discrimination or bullying.

It’s a beautiful statement, and they follow it up with:

As we move forward, providing a safe, diverse and inclusive work environment so that all can thrive will be our top priority.

If this is a really nice post, and it’s good that the developer wants to move forward, to the point of making sure the women in the company wrote the post, it doesn’t say how the change will unfold. Additionally, the company has had its own issues with co-director Dan Bunting (who has since resigned) being accused of harassment in 2017.

Still, producer Miranda Due says that while it has taken a while to come forward, due to the trauma of the revelations lately, they are making great strides.

We are the ones most affected by what happened, and we are fighting for a better future,Said Due. “Change has to happen from within and we are doing our best and need support …

It’s true; public interest and support can make the difference between an ongoing change and nothing at all. But maybe knowing how the developer plans to implement the change can help audiences know how they can offer their support in the first place.