Warzone quality testers ignored after 17 days of strike

Right before the launch of Call of Duty: Warzone’s Pacific Map, the developer QA team announced a strike. Now, 17 days later, their requests are apparently still being ignored despite the game’s quality issues.

It’s no secret that Warzone has a lot of bugs and issues. Just last week, shopping stations caused game crashes and console gamers were considering retirement.

While people on social media are quick to criticize the developers at Raven Software for these issues, those developers don’t seem too happy either. Days before Pacific’s launch, it was revealed that a number of QA testers had been made redundant, despite earlier promises of better pay.

Then, in solidarity, “around 40 QA testers” decided to step down to protest the layoffs on December 6. Now, 17 days later, the developers have explained that they are still on strike because their demands have not been met, let alone answered. at.

Warzone quality testers still on strike

As tweeted by the Activision Blizzard King Workers Alliance, “We have been on strike for almost 17 days now with no response to our request.” And the demand in question here is that QA testers who have been fired be “reinstated”.

Without any response from Activision, it appears the workers will be going on vacation while still on strike. It’s unclear what this means for the game and its current test team, but there have been plenty of fixes since the walkout, so not all activity has been compromised.

The alleged initial motivation for the strike was that the QA testers were asked to relocate to Madison, Wisconsin under the promise of full-time employment as a result of their employment contract – which didn’t was ultimately not the case for a number of employees.

While Warzone is still fixing issues and making adjustments, fans have expressed a wish to want more fixes (especially on console).

At this time, it is unclear if the QA team will be able to help with these fixes until after the holidays. And, even after that, one has to wonder how long this strike can go on without Activision responding.