Alberta Group is part of a business alliance to tackle ESG issues

Alberta Group has partnered with 12 other of Malta’s most reputable brands and companies to form a powerful alliance aimed at solving Malta’s environmental, social and governance issues – starting with decarbonisation.

The Malta ESG Alliance (MESGA) is a private sector initiative, launched with 13 founding members from sectors such as security, banking, telecommunications, transport and hospitality, among others. However, the alliance seeks to grow rapidly, attracting new member companies of all sizes.

MESGA’s objective is to address the country’s ESG issues by allowing different members to share their ideas, expertise and best practices. Although the alliance is initially focused on decarbonization, other projects will include investments in renewable energy, electric transportation, greener fleet management, mobility programs for employees and better design and use of building infrastructure, with an impetus to build near-zero emissions buildings in Malta.

All activities undertaken by members will be measurable, allowing analysis of the extent to which objectives are achieved and targets achieved.

Perit David Xuereb, Head of the Alliance, explains: “None of these initiatives are simple, but through a shared commitment to take the necessary steps, we believe we can begin to drive a more sustainable and healthier society. Now is the time for ESG to stop being boardroom talk and become active solutions. Our alliance is here to welcome companies that share our values, want to see tangible change, and realize the long-term business benefits of running an ESG-optimized business.

Liz Barbaro Sant, Alberta Director, talks about her perspective on the critical importance of the alliance and the need for action. “There is a misconception in the business world that sustainability and concern for society is only for big business. The truth is that the whole business community needs to be involved, and it is the role of big business to lead by example, to provide accessibility to ideas and practices and to do ESG an engine of growth, with extremely positive results for the greater good.

“Alberta is a family business. With that came all the nuances and delicate internal discussions about how to run the business successfully. But by bringing in outside advisors and having a strong board to drive the business forward, we are able to understand the value that properly applied ESG policies can deliver. ESG requires transparency, honesty and the need to face some hard truths.

“We manage a team of over 400 employees and a fleet of 90 vehicles. Our first step in this alliance is to look at our own carbon footprint and, through fleet management software, understand how we operate today. When you have the facts in front of you, you can formulate an action plan to start fixing, reducing or eliminating the aspects of your operations that harm the environment.

She continues: “We no longer believe that there is a difference between profit and purpose. Business needs to start being honest about what’s wrong, where right, and what steps it’s taking to fix those issues. By embracing ESG from the start, we drive positive change, prepare companies for the future, and ensure there is a future everyone can enjoy. The Alberta group of companies, including PT Matic and ISTC, are driven by sustainability. Protecting people and businesses and preventing disasters in any form is not a value on paper for us, nor a service on our website – it’s in our DNA.

“In fact, last December we were the only unlisted private limited company to participate in the Department for Environment, Energy and Business’ ESG Scorecard initiative. When gathering information for the portal, we realized we had most of the information at our fingertips – ESG practices are truly part of our day-to-day operations. We have always known that there is no planet B. That is why, as a group, as a team and as individuals, we are leading the way to achieving lasting change. “, she added.