Anuta Networks automates the first Cloud-Native and Open-RAN compatible 5G mobile network in North America

MILPITAS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Anuta Networks, a leading provider of network automation solutions, today announced that a new North American mobile network operator has selected its Closed-Loop Automation Platform (ATOM ) to accelerate the first self-contained (SA) 5G deployment built from the ground up with Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) as a service. The scale is vast, spanning 50,000 sites nationwide, spanning hundreds of thousands of network devices and servers. The ATOM solution eliminates configuration and integration touchpoints, develops customizable workflows that reduce manual errors and increase the productivity of carrier network engineers.

Globally, the 3GPP 5G-New Radio (NR) standard is widely adopted given its significant performance improvement over LTE (up to 20x faster), low latency (

The inherent disaggregation of the O-RAN architecture allows service providers to choose the best vendors for each of the RU, gNodeb (DU/CU), Near-RT, and Non-RT RIC/SMO components while taking advantage of virtualization on Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) servers. This approach accelerates innovation and can reduce infrastructure capital expenditures, but it introduces operational challenges, especially when manual processes are followed.

For example, a cell site activation typically requires more than 50 manual steps, spanning applications from a dozen or more vendors who provide the necessary hardware, software, and services. In the best-case scenario, when all processes are streamlined, manual activation can consume 26 hours per site, making network automation mandatory.

Any viable network automation platform must support cell site integration, including transport configuration and provisioning of multi-vendor network solutions. There are many procedures including bare metal server provisioning, workload provisioning, inventory update and CNF lifecycle management (O-RU, O-DU, O-CU , IMS, AMF, SMF, etc.) hosted on AWS Local Zones and Regions. . Additionally, automation must support multi-tenancy, reporting, and analytics at scale.

Anuta Networks ATOM provides network and server automation, network slice provisioning for eMBB, uRLLC and mMTC applications, collects telemetry and provides closed-loop assurance and remediation through a single platform. The cloud-native solution supports over 45 vendors and over 150 platforms, including physical, virtual, and cloud-native network functions.

Key features of the Anuta Networks ATOM solution include:

– Standards-based low-code workflows (BPMN 2.0)

– Pre-built integrations with ITSM, IPAM, CI/CD

– Ready-to-use libraries and reusable workflows

– Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) for cell site routers

– Lifecycle management of bare metal servers (BLM) via Redfish APIs

– Extensible and customizable reports

– 24/7 compliance enforcement to minimize configuration drift

– AI/ML-based predictive analytics to estimate workflow completion

– A highly scalable native cloud architecture that supports over 100,000 devices

“We were looking for a holistic and comprehensive network automation solution that could help us accelerate productivity and increase scale of operations while being affordable and we are happy to partner with Anuta. The native network automation solution for the cloud and AWS compatible from Anuta Networks ATOM, which runs on the Amazon EKS platform, helps us streamline integration operations while integrating systems from 13 vendors. provided by ATOM for thousands of complex network and server elements across our locations helps us ensure high uptime and performance for our 5G customers.With Anuta, we look forward to rapidly expanding into hundreds of new markets by the end of 2022,” said the new mobile network operator’s executive vice president of wireless operations.

Additionally, ATOM makes it easy to onboard cell sites in an average of 2 hours, saving at least 24 hours of effort per site. As a result, this operator is expected to realize immense time-to-market and cost savings, especially given the upcoming 50,000 site expansion plan. ATOM’s ability to generate granular reporting and tightly integrated workflows will also enable this operator to meet and exceed SLA commitments for its enterprise customers and reduce churn for its consumer subscribers.

“At Anuta, we support our customers’ network automation projects with a refined blend of technology, solid experience and operational excellence. Supported by more than 30 carriers and more than 300 vendors, O-RAN is leading the way in global 5G network deployments with innovation and agility. The powerful combination of 5G and O-RAN is expected to grow by 52% between 2022 and 2030, and we are happy to be on the cusp of this game-changing change.” said Chandu Guntakala, Founder and CEO of Anuta Networks. “We are delighted to play a crucial role in ensuring the integration of components from the best suppliers. With Anuta Networks ATOM, customers benefit from a single source of truth and overview of their network and server infrastructure to ensure faster deployment, greater visibility, stronger security and optimal performance. .

Read the case study, the solution brief and watch the overview video for more information.

Supporting quotes:

Automation is a crucial part of any cellular network, given its ability to maximize uptime and reduce subscriber churn. From my perspective, it is no surprise that this new mobile network operator has chosen Anuta Networks ATOM to complement its cloud-native and highly virtualized 5G network deployment. ATOM is one of a small handful of automation platforms that offer an end-to-end feature set not only for service providers, but also for enterprises. » Will Townsend, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Security Networks and Practices, Moor Insights & Strategy.

About Anuta Networks:

Anuta Networks is a leading provider of web-scale, on-premises and cloud-based network orchestration and assurance software for multi-vendor networks managed by branch offices, campuses, data centers and service providers.

Anuta ATOM orchestration and assurance platform enables customers to automate and accelerate network services. Anuta ATOM offers full service lifecycle orchestration and telemetry for physical, virtual, and hybrid networks, enabling customers to leverage investments in existing network infrastructure and transition them seamlessly to implementation. software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV). environments.

Silicon Valley-based Anuta Networks is a three-time Gartner Cool Vendor and Best of VMworld winner.

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