Black Knight Announces Strategic Alliance with Percy to Provide Advanced Customer Engagement Solution to Real Estate Professionals and Mortgage Lenders

– Real estate professionals and lenders will be able to cultivate long-term relationships with buyers via the Percy machine learning tool, powered by billions of consumer behavioral data points

– Homeowners receive ongoing information about their home, such as valuation estimates, potential capital and refinance options, which keeps them engaged and informed

– Using machine learning to monitor owner “signals” gathered through engaging and personalized content, Percy helps identify the precise moment when an owner is likely to complete a transaction

– In today’s tightly constrained housing market, the solution offers industry players a way to engage landlords, generate inventory and increase purchase demand

– Black Knight will integrate Percy into many of its mortgage and real estate offerings to provide a seamless and integrated experience for users across the continuum

JACKSONVILLE, Florida., May 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Black Knight, Inc. (NYSE: BKI), an award-winning software, data and analytics company driving innovation across the real estate and mortgage continuum, announced a strategic alliance with NashvillePercy-based – formerly known as Buyside – a data analytics and marketing company that collects and analyzes real estate consumer behavior using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The alliance will enable Black Knight to offer its customers a new, advanced consumer engagement solution powered by billions of behavioral data points that helps real estate professionals and lenders deepen their relationships with their customers. Using proprietary machine learning to monitor homeowner behavior “signals” through personalized landing pages with engaging content (e.g. property valuations, local buyer demand and market activity, reports monthly email, registration activity on customer websites, etc.), Percy helps identify when an owner is likely to complete a transaction.

“Percy’s predecessor was launched to help brokerages match buyers to listings, but has since evolved into an ecosystem that spans mortgages as well as real estate, on both the buy and sell side of the real estate equation,” said Charles Williams, founder and CEO of Percy. “Today, Percy analyzes billions of pre-purchase and pre-sale signals in real estate consumer behavior to give loan officers, real estate agents and brokers actionable insights.”

The app creates an engaging experience for homebuyers and potential sellers through a personalized summary of information about their homes. Providing multiple appraisal estimates to increase accuracy, timely and up-to-date net worth statements, refinancing opportunities and more helps build trust and cultivate deeper, richer client relationships.

“The current housing market is characterized by record high inventories and record house prices, which, combined with sharply rising rates, continue to put downward pressure on purchase lending,” the president said. from Black Knight Data & Analytics. Ben Grabosk. “As everyone in our industry knows, generating inventory is key to reducing affordability pressures and keeping lender and realtor pipelines full. This strategic alliance with Percy will allow our clients to real estate and mortgage lending to use an AI-powered, big data-powered approach to intelligently engage with these customers, to grow business while generating inventory.”

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About Percy is a data analytics and marketing company that provides more revenue opportunities for real estate brokers and mortgage companies by collecting and analyzing real estate consumer behavior. We use proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence to better understand consumer intent and help businesses target the right person at the right time. For more information. Learn more at or by email [email protected].

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