MAPFRE joins Malta ESG Alliance on climate change initiatives

MAPFRE Malta is partnering with a number of Maltese business leaders as part of the Malta ESG Alliance, with the first objective being to come up with an initiative on climate change.

MAPFRE is one of 13 business organizations that have come together to announce the launch of the Malta ESG Alliance (MESGA) – a private sector initiative to tackle local environmental, social and governance priorities.

Interim CFO and CEO James Mallia was present at the launch along with all founding members, CEOs and key representatives. Alliance members are supported by David Xuereb and consultancy firm EY Malta.

Founding members aim to attract other committed members from all economic sectors to join such an alliance, acting as credible leaders and acting first-hand on sustainable issues.

The first ESG theme chosen is that of climate change and decarbonization.

During the launch, Mallia explained how, through its own environmental policy, the MAPFRE Group assumes a strong commitment to pollution prevention, environmental preservation and preservation of biodiversity, promotion of efficiency energy and climate change management.

Strong Commitment to Pollution Prevention

He said that MAPFRE has implemented its environmental actions according to the guidelines defined in the triple integrated system for the management of the environmental, energy and carbon footprint (SIGMAYE), in accordance with international ISO standards.

At MAPFRE, both in Malta and at group level, waste management protocols are implemented to ensure that the treatment, storage and disposal of waste is done correctly. A new insurance policy for electric vehicles has been introduced to promote a greener environment. Through their hybrid remote work model, they also achieve multiple goals by saving on travel costs and significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

Along with other decarbonization projects by Alliance members, the private sector is taking action to contribute to a more sustainable and less carbon-intensive future.

As part of this initiative, MAPFRE Middlesea is introducing renewable energy sources through the installation of a photovoltaic system in the region of 180 panels of around 400W each, which will generate around 100MWh of electricity per year. The carbon footprint will be reduced by 40 tonnes of CO2 per year.

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