Group of Christian Students Sue UNL for Discrimination in Tuition Fee Policies | Education

A Christian student organization is suing the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in federal court after being denied access to tuition fees to bring a lecturer to campus.

Ratio Christi – a Latin phrase meaning “the reason of Christ” – said a student-led expense allocation committee rejected its request for $ 1,500 funding from an account created for student organizations .

The lawsuit, which names the eight members of the NU board of directors, as well as the system and campus administrators, was filed in the United States district court on Wednesday.

The registered student organization, which is represented by the Defending Freedom Alliance, started at UNL in 2018, being part of more than 150 ministries around the world focused on “historical, scientific and philosophical reasons for believing that the Christianity is true “.

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Members of the group had requested $ 1,500 in University Programs Council funds distributed by the UNL student government to bring in Robert Audi, a former UNL faculty member who now teaches at the University of Notre Dame , for a conference in April.

Audi’s talk was titled, “Is Belief in God Rational Given the Evils of This World?” A Christian philosopher responds to the most popular argument against God.

The University Program Board, which is responsible for distributing $ 270,000 in funds raised this year from tuition fees, denied the request, according to the lawsuit, saying it had concerns “about the nature of the ‘event”.

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