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TOKYO, May 20, 2022 — (JCN Newswire) — Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) and Morgenrot Inc. (Morgenrot) are pleased to announce that we have entered into a capital and business alliance, our goal being to jointly develop distributed computing services for customers in Japan and all over ASEAN. MC is one of Japan’s leading sogo shosha (general trading companies), while Morgenrot is an engineering-focused start-up that provides cloud-based distributed computing solutions and green data centers powered by solar energy. renewable.

At the heart of Morgenrot’s software development capability is its proprietary distributed processing technology, “Excalibur”, which leverages the latest hardware systems based on Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) technology to add value to its the cloud. Morgenrot’s exceptional processing capabilities are deployed by the front lines of research and development in many high-tech areas, including ultra-high resolution 3D rendering, simulations, AI, machine learning systems and deep, etc. Additionally, applying its knowledge and experience of GPU servers, Morgenrot integrates high-performance GPU-based server systems into mobile containers powered by renewable and surplus energy to realize green data centers. Anxious to help society create an ecosystem of digital infrastructures that takes care of our needs and those of our planet, Morgenrot makes its clean processing capacities available at affordable prices.

MC has also leveraged its strengths in digital infrastructure. Here in Japan, sogo shosha is applying its multi-industry know-how and expertise to develop hyperscale data centers. Always on the lookout for ways to advance digital (DX) and energy (EX) transformations that leverage the collective capabilities of the MC Group, MC is confident that this alliance with Morgenrot will drive progress that will ultimately lead to new business opportunities. . These advancements include building networks of distributed data centers capable of processing huge volumes of data, as well as developing and installing state-of-the-art computing infrastructure that will make real-time, low-latency processing possible.

Our two companies are exploring ways to jointly design products and services not only here in Japan, but also in international markets, with our initial focus being the ASEAN region. Prior to entering into this capital and business alliance, we initiated discussions on providing high-powered IT services in Singapore. By supporting the city-state’s DX initiative, this business is expected to complement Singapore’s status as one of the world’s leading smart city developers, and it also has good growth potential, as it can be adapted to other ASEAN countries in the future.

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